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10 Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Window blinds are a common choice for homeowners that want to cover their window to block light or protect privacy. They are sleek in appearance, easy to maintain and quite durable - making them ideal for modern homes. Moa Windows  motorized window blinds are well-designed and custom fit to every window.But shouldn't you expect your window treatments to do more than just open and close? Motorized window blinds perform the same purpose of traditional window blinds. These blinds have added functions that make them a valuable addition to your home's interior design.Here are 10 benefits that motorized window blinds will bring to your home.Cordless Design Offers Maximum Safety for Children and Pets.

When it comes to children’s safety, motorized window blinds give parents a peace of mind.Window coverings with corded systems are safety hazard for young children as well as pets. Cords pose as a suffocation hazard when children become entangled in them, particularly corded systems featuring a loop. Pets are also at risk of injury from corded window blinds in similar ways to young children.Motorized window blinds are a cordless system which makes them one of the safest window treatments options for parents and pet owners.For these reasons, motorized window blinds are ideal for any rooms in your home that your children or pets have access to.Boosts Your Home's Energy-Efficiency in Two Ways Motorized window blinds boost the energy-efficiency of your home in two ways, insulation and light control.Motorized window blinds also offer incredible control over lighting within your home. Open the blinds completely to let in as much natural light as possible so you can turn off lamps and fixtures. You can also set your blinds to open and close during specific times during the day to maximize lighting efficiency.These factors work together to help you to lower your monthly utility bills.Motorized Blinds Protect Your Furniture and Decor from the Sun.

Direct sun exposure can cause discoloration, fading and irreversible damage to furniture in your home. Motorized blinds help homeowners protect their valuables by allowing automated programming to control how much light enters the room and when.Setting your motorized window blinds to a specific time allows you protect your furniture while not having to remember to close the blinds yourself. Moa Windows offers motorized window blinds, some powered by Somfy systems with wireless wall-mounted sun sensors. Our automated window shades provide enhanced smart home connectivity and are powered by Lutron, a leader in the industry. Mounting these in each room allows the sensor to measure light or heat and adjust the motorized blinds accordingly.Automation Settings Adds Security When You Are Away from Home.

When you think of home security and window blinds you might assume that it relates to closing the blinds to prevent passersby from peering in. While this might be true, motorized window blinds offer a far more beneficial approach that just keeping your curtains closed.Since motorized window blinds can operate automatically throughout the day they will make it seem like someone is home, even if you are thousands of miles away. Motorized window blinds are more of a deterrent to potential thieves than any other window covering, especially when coupled with an automated smart home lighting system.Improves Your Sleep Quality and Helps You Wake Up Naturally.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fall asleep in a room that is not dark or being jolted awake by your alarm clock. Installing motorized window blinds in bedrooms help alleviate these issues.Selecting motorized window blinds with maximum light-blocking opacity will help your bedroom be as dark as possible, to improve quality of sleep. You can achieve this step with traditional blackout curtains or blinds, but if so, you miss out on an opportunity for a more peaceful morning.Setting your motorized window blinds to gradually open in the morning will wake you up slowly and naturally rather than abruptly. Everyone can benefit from waking up peacefully, including children, which really makes motorized window blinds an excellent choice for bedrooms.Custom Motorized Blinds Increase the Value of Your Home.

Motorized window blinds are custom fit to your windows and professionally installed. The result is perfectly covered windows that add instant value to your home.Firstly, potential buyers can easily tell the difference between professionally installed blinds and store-bought, DIY window coverings. When viewing your home, buyers that see perfectly installed and styled motorized window blinds are more attracted to the house.Secondly, smart home automation is becoming more popular and motorized blinds will be a growing trend. A home outfitted with motorized window blinds is seen as a huge bonus by potential buyers that already have a smart home system or have plans of implementing one.While motorized window blinds may not add a huge increase to the dollar value of your home, they will make your home memorable to potential buyers, thereby increasing the chance of a sale.Push Button Control Lets You Operate Blinds without Touching Them.

When you are on the couch watching a movie or reading a book, the last thing you want to do is get up to adjust your blinds. Motorized window blinds can either be set to close during the timeframe when the sun causes a glare on your TV or with the touch of a button.Push-button control also makes it easy for parents to control the blinds, even when they are busy with their kids or stuck on the couch with a sleeping infant on their chest. Parents will also appreciate how easy and safe it is for their older kids to open or close the blinds without having to use any type of manual cord control.Motorized blinds are ideal for placement on windows where direct access to them is awkward, such as behind a couch.Integration with Your Existing Smart Home Systems.

The smart home trend is not just about individual devices, but rather how these devices can work with one another to improve household efficiency. Unlike standard window coverings, motorized window blinds can function independently and seamlessly with other smart home systems.The integration with third-party control systems means you can set your motorized window blinds to work alongside automated lights, thermostat controls and more. For example, at night you can set your motorized blinds to close, outside security lights to come on and the thermostat lower to a cooler temperature.Easy and Effective Privacy Solution for Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

Having big windows in bedrooms and bathrooms is aesthetically pleasing and lets in plenty of natural light, but privacy is a concern. Motorized window blinds make having large windows in these private spaces easier.You can quickly adjust the blinds in your bedroom or bathroom when needed, without having to manually lower blinds. Being able to program your motorized blinds is also handy for the end of the day when you are ready for bed. You can set up your system to be open during the day and have the blinds automatically close at night.Varied Control Options Include Wireless Switches, Remotes, and Apps.

Motorized window blinds are operated a number of ways.You can control your motorized blinds with either a wall-mounted wireless switch, a remote control or an app. It is wise to have a wall-mounted switch or remote on hand so anyone can adjust the motorized window blind when needed.There are different apps you can use to control your motorized blinds, including Somfy's myLink, an app specifically designed for the purpose. If you integrate your motorized blinds with other apps, you should be able to easily control them from there. Integration with Amazon Alex or Google Assistant also means you can simply use voice commands to control your motorized blinds.

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