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Please read the following Warranty Information to find out how Moa Windows polices work and find answers to frequently asked questions.

All our products have a limited lifetime warranty provided by our manufacturers. We will do our best to help you if there are problems with your blinds. There are various solutions available for common issues that can occur with the blinds, shades or shutters.Contact us via our support contact form, first with the problem. Most issues that occur with blinds can be fixed without shipping the blind back to the manufacturer, which can save you time and money.


There is a service fee of $195 + GST 


There are instances where a blind will need to be returned for a repair or remake. Please contact us if this is the case! Almost all of the products offered by Shades Shutters Blinds are covered by a limited warranty. After 90 days, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the blind in to the factory, regardless of warranty status. Shades Shutters Blinds will work with our manufacturer and have the product fixed and returned free of charge if it falls under warranty. Shades Shutters Blinds does not pay for installation, trip fees or other charges that may arise from installation, parts or warranty issues.

There are instances where a blind will need to be returned for a "credit upon inspection." This is usually the case for a remake where our manufacturer can use the parts again or desires to inspect the blind for insurance purposes. If Shades Shutters Blinds does not receive the product(s) back, you will be charged full price. Typically, we will provide the return label to you free of charge.


There are instances where we will issue a no charge remake. Most of these are due to our mistakes, manufacturer mistakes or damaged shipping. Pictures maybe required if requested or the blinds in question may have to be returned to the manufacturer before we are able to do a remake. (See Returnsabove)

All products are covered against defects in material and workmanship. The warranties are good only for the original purchaser and are non-transferable. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse because of improper installation or other acts.

The materials will lose color intensity over time. However, PVC materials are covered for discoloration (an actual changing of color) and warping. Slats on 2 inch products are thin and some natural movement will occur in the slats. No slat is perfectly straight. If there is major warping, slats can and will be replaced under this warranty.

Measurements are critical for these products. Be sure to double check your measurements (width x length). You are responsible for your measurements! If you do mismeasure a blind, please call us. Many of our products can be cut down or altered, which will save you money instead of having to remake the entire blind. Again, be sure to double check your measurements (width x length). Mismeasurements and lack of color samples before placing an order are the two main issues not covered under warranty (they really are custom made!).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to make an order change, contact us immediately! You generally have 24-48 hours after the order is placed before production actually begins on your products. Once the production process has begun, there can be no changes made.

Due to differences among color monitors, the colors that appear on your screen may vary from the actual color of the blinds. If you want to ensure you ordering the correct color, we encourage you to order free samples. We will guarantee your satisfaction with the color only if samples are received prior to ordering. We cannot offer refunds and/or exchanges for any color related issues unless samples were requested. Again, lack of ordering color samples and mismeasurements are the two issues we cannot cover under warranty because of the custom-designed nature of our product offerings.

Additionally, all stained finish real-wood blinds have natural variances in the wood's color, grain, etc. that cause dye lots to vary in color. Although we consider these variances to be minimal, there is no way to assure an exact color with stained wood blinds. If you are ordering real wood blinds with a stained color finish be sure to purchase all your blinds at the same time so they are manufactured from the same dye.

For Woven Wood Blinds, it is highly advised to place all orders at the same time because of color changes. There can be a significant color change from lot to lot. This change is most prominent in woven wood blinds because of the nature of the product. Shades Shutters Blinds will not be responsible for woven wood color changes due to ordering at different times.

For ALL roller blinds (sheers, roller shades, sunscreens or any blind that rolls up), the fabric is narrower than the roller. Why is this? This is because the fabric has to roll on a tube. There is no place to put the mechanisms except at the ends of the roller. That's why the blind itself is actually wider than the fabric. It is industry standard to take the entire blind into consideration when making it. For rollers, this includes the mechanisms. The gap between the mechanisms and the fabric itself can be up to 1 1/2". Although this is not a large gap for most customers, it is worthwhile to mention it here. For inside the window mounts this is not optional, so we encourage you to decide if the roller shade is the right window treatment for you. For outside the window, you do have a choice. You can ADD to the width of the roller to make the fabric any size you want. For example, if you need your fabric to be 35 inches wide, simply add 1 1/2" to the width when you place your order. This includes the mechanisms and makes your fabric exactly at 35". If you have any more questions, please contact our support form.

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